Another field not in the limelight but should be is recovery. Methodological, tracking and quality of recovery on a day by day basis of the performance as well as injuries is becoming extremely important to performing athletes to reduce fatigue, enhance performance, and restore their overtraining state of mind. Inadequate recovery results in inappropriate training and outrageous routines that an individual can do for upcoming sports activities. This makes the person prone to overtraining injuries whilst deteriorating their performance. Recovery is and should be focused on in every sport possible to enhance performance by reducing the fatigue. Some popular methods used for the recovery period include ice bath, hydrotherapy, endurance exercise, team sports, active recovery, stretching, compression garments, massage etc. 

Ice bath

It is being a good recovery method after an intense exercise session or competition, specially in athletes, fitness enthusiasts and common population after exertional work week. Ice bath therapy available with 2 private rooms containing bath tub filled with Ice cubes in water. The therapy session lasts from 7 to 10 minutes with ideal temperature set under supervision of Physiotherapist. This cold water immersion therapy helps in reduction of soreness and muscle pain.

DTR/Sports massage

Deep tissue release therapy / Sports massage is a scientific massage technique given by sports masseurs in a ideal way that’s mainly used to treat musculoskeletal spasms, tightness/restrictions, triggers halting the natural motion of an individual.

It is performed by applying sustained pressure with slow and deep strokes to focus innermost layer of muscle or connective tissue. It helps to reduce tension and tightness in the muscle following an injury or chronic faulty postural issues.