I have been involved with Fit2Sport for a long time. They have been good at helping me recover as well as rehabilitate before every essential competetion.

Mihir ambare


It’s two months now, they have got me back on my feet, I am doing everything, I am painting for 5 hours and my back which was weak and in a very bad state, they have made it strong. 

Ashraf Jafari


In the past 3 months, I got injuries in my ankle, knee and hamstring for which Fit2Sport is helping me. I am very satisfied after coming here as two of my injuries have already recovered and the third one is recovering.

Atman Pore


Fit2Sport not only helped me with my injury, but also explained and helped me understand how I should stay away from doping.

Kiran Bhagat

Professional Wrestler

When the first time I came to Fit2Sport I couldn’t even lift my arm. And a year and a half later, I am back to dancing. 

prajakta patil

professional dancer

Fit2Sport is the place to go for me since they modify the workout in such a way and give me rehab exercises that I do not have to stop my dreams. 

Priti Arwade shah

entrepreneur & marathoner

Understanding, diagnosing and during the treatment process is what attracts me to visit Fit2Sport.

sharmila tiwari


The best part is they have a solution to everything required from injury management to performance enhancement. 

siddhant Kambale 

international speed skater

I have visited a lot of places for Physiotherapy, but have never come across a place like Fit2Sport 

Rahul Aware

Olympic Wrestler, Arjuna Awardee 

Everyday there is something new which is done to make sure the exercises do not get boring. The patient is also taken care of very well so that there is no fear of injuries

Dr. Sujata Upadhyay

Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient