Assessment forms the cornerstone of athlete improvement. With assessment, the sports support team gets an idea about the current capacities of the athlete and how does the team proceed forward. At Fit2Sport we have divided the assessments into 3 levels on the basis of sport,training and chronological age.

Novice assessment
Novice assessments are done for the athletes who are at an amateur level in their sport or for those who want to get into any kind of sports. This is the most essential baseline assessment consisting of clinical as well as fitness components.

Intermediate assessment
Players who have played at an already established level and wish to go forwards for improving their performance should go for an intermediate assessment. Recreational athletes and senior competing athletes should also start with getting an intermediate assessment. This kind of assessment builds on the novice by including certain maturing factors and advanced understanding of the sport and its specific assessment measures.

Elite assessment
Consisting of clinical, medical, biochemical, kinesioanthropometric, fitness and sports specific outcome measures, elite assessment forms the flagship assessment program of F2S. It is suitable for the elite athletes hoping to achieve world class status. This program dwelves in every aspect from nature to nurture and helps athlete become the better version of themselves